15 Vacation Destinations Straight Out Of Your Favorite Disney Movie

We love Disney. You love Disney. The whole world loves Disney. Whether you were more of a bookish Belle princess or a fierce Mulan warrior, there’s one thing that can’t be denied: Disney ruled our ’90s childhoods and has stuck with us for decades

Below, we’ve selected 15 vacation rentals in Disney’s most beautiful settings around the world

Beauty And The Beast, France

$47 per person per night.
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This simple, sophisticated “butterfly cottage” in South Central France has Belle written all over it. (If Belle liked hot tubs, private pools, and a personal fitness studio.) Cuddle up with a book by the fire, or enjoy some tea in the most darling kitchen we’ve ever seen.

Aladdin, Morocco  

$16 per person per night
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Yes, yes we know it’s not Akrabah- but of all the stunning locations in Northern Africa to visit, Morocco tops our list. Fit for a sultan, this Moroccan escape in Marrakesh is your own personal palace, filled with stunning architecture and room for eight to sleep comfortably.

Cinderella, France

$33 per person per night
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Charming and understated just like Cinderella herself (even the doors and shutters match her iconic blue ball gown), this bright and airy French cottage is the perfect summer escape. Located in Provence, the rental includes five bedrooms, beautiful gardens filled with Murier Platane trees, and a private pool.

Mulan, China

$70 per person per night
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Remember Mulan’s sprawling farmhouse, surrounded by beautiful cherry trees, a wrap around porch, and even a private pond and bridge? Well, we may not have found that exaaaact property, but this one is a close second. Located in Beijing, this stunning two bedroom apartment is adorned with classic Chinese architectural details, lanterns, and a bright, fashionable courtyard.

The Little Mermaid, Denmark

$27 per person per night
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Did you know that The Little Mermaid is actually set in Denmark? Originally written in the 1800s by famous Danish author Hans Christian Andersen, The Little Mermaid has been a beloved fairy tale for generations (there’s even a statue of her in Copenhagen harbor!)  When it came time to find a rental worthy of our favorite singing mermaid – we knew it had to be right on the sea. This luxury apartment on the Baltic Sea has ocean views so stunning even Ariel would be singing at the top of her lungs.

Finding Nemo, Australia

$36 per person, per night
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Although we bet 42 Wallabee Way Sydney is a gorgeous location, we doubt it has anything on these views. An airy, open floor plan with plenty of privacy and room for eight guests, this retro beach house boasts some of the most beautiful views of the Australia coast we’ve ever seen.

Pocahontas, Virginia

$43 per person per night
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Though Pocahontas technically left her home for England with husband John Rolfe (and not John Smith), we like the Disney version better- where she stays with her Tsenacommacah tribe. We imagine she lived a long happy life in the wilderness of Virginia climbing trees, jumping off rocks and canoeing with her best friends Flit and Meeko. Fit for an adventurous getaway Pocahontas would love, this Adirondack style cabin is down the street from Old Rag Mountain and White Oak Canyon and has a private dock, hot tub, and even a chicken coop.

Jungle Book, India

$91 per person per night
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A luxurious villa nestled in the Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary of Goa, India, this rental offers a lot more than just the bare necessities. With room for 12, a private pool and a 24-hour staff, this rental is fit for the king of the jungle for a dirt cheap price.


Snow White, Germany

$24 per person per night. 
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From the thatched roof to the dreamy kitchen, this is the type of warm rental made for fairy tales. This darling German cottage was fully remodeled in 2009, is located north of Hamburg, and has room for six guests.  


Hercules, Greece

$37 per person per night.  
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We can’t lie, picking a rental fit for a Greek god was hard- HomeAway’s site is brimming with too many breathtaking options to choose from. Stoic and strong like Hercules himself, we chose this villa on the island of Milos, Greece made of stone, with panoramic views of the Aegean Sea.


Princess And The Frog, New Orleans

$45 per person per night
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Tiana’s story starts with a humble beginning in a small home in New Orleans where she and her mother struggle to make ends meet. But this homey, warm rental proves that bigger doesn’t always mean better. The 3-bedroom home is located in a quiet, family neighborhood in historic Uptown New Orleans.

The Emperor’s New Groove, Peru

$20 per person per night
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Inspired by the colorful Peruvian details and beautiful landscape in The Emperor’s New Groove, we chose a rental with sweeping views of mountains and bright interiors in Cusco, Peru.

Frozen, Norway

$25 per person per night
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Did Frozen leave you dreaming of an ice castle in Norway? Of a home with miraculous views of the mountains and Norweigan Sea? Or maybe a cozy spot filled with fireplaces, saunas and absolutely nothing frozen about it? This stunning rental has all of those things (well, except the ice castle). From the saunas to views to six bedrooms for 12 of your best friends, you will never be able to let this rental goooo. 

Moana, Cook Islands  

$58 per person per night
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After major success with Finding Nemo (Australia) and Lilo and Stitch (Hawaii), we knew it was only a matter of time before Disney revisited a princess in a warm-weather destination. What better location than the islands of Polynesia? Though we aren’t exactly sure where in Polynesia Moana hails from, we gravitated towards the stunning Cook Islands. This two bedroom villa has a private balcony, a private pool, free kayaks– oh, and the entire beach is literally on your doorstep.

Lion King, Kenya

$41 per person per night
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Arguably the most adventurous (and heartbreaking) tale of all, The Lion King’s animators spent two weeks in Hell’s Gate National Park in Kenya to get inspiration for the film. While selecting the perfect rental, we knew we had to find an interior as stunning as the wildlife surrounding it. This boutique, award-winning rental in the foothills of Mt. Kenya is perfect for those who love the outdoors but also want a taste of luxury.

Author: Richard Robinson

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