Feeling Down? Try Listening To One Of These Uplifting Podcasts

The ease that podcasts afford listeners is unmatched, and their accessibility allows enthusiasts to seamlessly integrate them into their lifestyle. From keeping up with news to listening to authors read their own fiction, there’s a show for every mood or situation. If you’re feeling down, listening to an uplifting podcast can be a great way to turn your day around. Check out these four podcasts that are sure to be a comforting presence when you need it most:

“Dear Sugars”

Cheryl Strayed and Steve Almond host this advice-centered podcast. They invite listeners to send in their questions on relationships and life, and will pick several to answer each week. Their advice is empathetic and inspiring, and both hosts encourage their listeners to actively pursue their best lives. Listening to this podcast is a bit like enjoying a warm meal after a day spent outside in the cold; it’s words for the soul.

“This American Life”

Ira Glass hosts this acclaimed podcast that explores a certain theme each week by telling stories from all over the country. Intelligent and frequently heartwarming, the show is massively popular. By delving into real stories and events that pertain to everyday interests, “This American Life” reminds its audience that even when they feel like it most, they’re never alone.

“Modern Love”

The New York Times’ wildly popular essay collection has taken on a new platform by adapting its stories into podcast form. While mostly focused on relationships, the collection explores love in all forms. The powerful stories told by many different authors are inspirational in both artistic and personal endeavors.

“On Being”

“On Being” explores the significant aspects of life. Krista Tippett hosts the podcast, and interviews well-known thinkers, artists, and religious figures. Tippett is well-known for her exceptional journalism. Her in-depth discussions with her guests delve into their lives and ideas, creating a show that thoroughly examines what it means to be alive.

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